Welcome to the beating heart of Marche, where the stones tell stories of bygone eras, and the streets come alive with traditions that are still alive. Ascoli Piceno, with its charming historic center and breathtaking views winding along the Tronto River, offers a unique experience for those seeking the essence of lesser-known Italy. Let us, City Explorer by Giocamondo, guide you to discover this hidden gem.
Ascoli Explorer
is your ideal travel companion on this urban adventure. With years of experience in making every tour an unforgettable experience, we are committed to discovering and showcasing the beauty of Ascoli Piceno and the surrounding area. Come with us to discover this enchanting city, and let every corner tell you its story.



Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno: The Living Room of Italy

Your trip to Ascoli Piceno can only begin at the historic Piazza del Popolo, often described as one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. A true architectural gem, this square is surrounded by elegant Renaissance buildings, including the renowned Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo and the loggia of San Francesco, which now houses the tourist office. The majestic church of St. Francis, with its Gothic facade, dominates the scene and invites contemplation and discovery.

People’s Square is more than just a square; it is the beating heart of the city, a favorite hangout for locals and a must for every visitor. Here you can enjoy an aperitif in historic cafes, such as the famous Caffè Meletti, known for its anisetta, a sweet liqueur typical of the region. Sit outside to watch the city life unfold before your eyes: street performers, strolling families, and occasional markets that add color and vibrancy.

A curious and fascinating detail of this square is the challenge to find the smallest column among those that adorn the perimeter. This game becomes a fun way to explore architectural details more closely and carve into memory the unique features of Ascoli Piceno.

The square is also a great starting point for exploring other attractions in the city, such as the many museums, galleries, and historic churches, making your visit to Ascoli Piceno a rich and discovery-filled experience. Come and discover why Piazza del Popolo has been nicknamed the “Living Room of Italy”-an elegant meeting place, rich in history and culture, perfect to start your trip to magnificent Ascoli Piceno.

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Caffè Meletti: A Dive into the Past

Directly overlooking the Piazza del Popolo, the Café Meletti is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau style, an environment that seems stopped in time. Here, the elegant decor and large mirrors create a unique atmosphere, reflecting the history and culture of Ascoli Piceno. Enjoy an anisette coffee, the favorite local beverage, sweet and aromatic, while savoring the view of the square that has often served as the backdrop for famous films and advertisements.

In 2022, Caffè Meletti gained additional notoriety through the film directed by directed by Giuseppe Piccioni, starring Riccardo Scamarcio and Benedetta Porcaroli. The choice of this historic venue as the main set has enriched its aura, attracting not only lovers of good coffee but also movie buffs. Visiting it thus offers an experience that connects visitors not only with Ascoli Piceno’s artistic and literary past, but also with its intriguing present.



The Nature of Ascoli Piceno Along the River and Beyond

For nature lovers, Ascoli Piceno offers a green oasis in the heart of the city along the banks of the Castellano River. This natural area, seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric, is the ideal place to stroll in tranquility, admiring views that mix water, flora and history. During the summer, the river becomes a gathering place for Ascolians seeking refreshment: many take a refreshing dip in its waters or spend their lunch break enjoying the coolness and soothing sound of flowing water.

Not far from the river is the historic Papal Paper Mill, a witness to past industrialization and now an important cultural center. But the nature of Ascoli is not limited to the waterway. The city is surrounded by parks and green areas, such as those along Corso Vittorio Emanuele or on San Marco Hill, where trekking and mountain biking are possible or simply hold a family picnic or barbecue. From the center, on the other hand, it is about a 15-minute walk to Annunziata Park, the route is stairway or road but Having arrived at the top, it is possible to enjoy not only nature but also a beautiful vantage point over the city. The route

Ascoli Piceno is also a strategic starting point for day trips to some of the natural wonders of central Italy. The Marmore Falls, among the highest in Europe, offer a breathtaking natural spectacle. Castelluccio’s Pian Grande invites long walks among the famous flowers that color the plain in summer, while the Frasassi Caves, the largest karst caves in Europe, attract explorers from all over the world eager to discover their vast and mysterious interiors.

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The Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno and the Treasures of Sant’Emidio

The Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno, dedicated to St. Emidio, stands as a religious and artistic symbol of the city. Built and remodeled between the 8th and 16th centuries, the cathedral houses the crypt of St. Emidio, the city’s first bishop and Christian martyr, who is venerated as a protector against earthquakes. The relics of St. Emidius rest here, attracting the faithful and curious from all over.

St. Emidius, a native of Armenia, is said to have been sent to spread Christianity in Italy during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, who was known for his persecution of Christians. Converted to Christianity, Emidius became a fervent evangelist, so much so that he was appointed bishop of Ascoli. His earthly life ended with his martyrdom in 303 AD, beheaded for his faith. In addition to the crypt, the journey of faith and art extends to churches dedicated to the saint, such as Sant’Emidio Rosso, so named for the color of its stones. These buildings represent not only places of worship but also evidence of the city’s rich artistic history.

Ascoli Piceno celebrates its patron saint with major historical re-enactments, in particular during the feast of St. Emidio on August 5, when the town comes alive with processions, performances and traditions dating back centuries. These celebrations not only strengthen the community’s connection to its past, but also offer visitors a unique immersion in local traditions.

Visiting Ascoli Cathedral and the sites associated with St. Emidio thus allows visitors to explore an interweaving of faith, art and history, offering a deeply enriching experience in the heart of the city of Ascoli Piceno. The beautiful travertine and red Verona marble crypt is also a cool place ideal for getting a breath of fresh air on the hottest summer days.


Tour of Ascoli Piceno with the tourist train “Ascoli Explorer”

Immerse yourself in the charm of
Ascoli Piceno with the Ascoli Explorer tourist train.
, the most comfortable and engaging way to discover the city. As you travel through narrow streets and alleyways steeped in history, this picturesque little train offers a comprehensive view of Ascoli’s architectural wonders and lesser-known secrets. It is especially family-friendly and beloved by children, who enjoy discovering the city in an adventurous and interactive way.

The Ascoli Explorer is not only a means of transportation, but A real educational experience. With a multilingual audio guide available in eight languages, each passenger can hear historical anecdotes and cultural trivia, while on-board monitors enrich the journey with images and videos illustrating Ascoli’s history and art. In addition, discounts are available for groups of 20 or more, making the tour an excellent option for schools and large groups as well.

This scenic tour is an excellent choice for those who want a general overview before exploring specific attractions on foot, or for those looking for a relaxing time between visits. The train travels routes designed to show the best of Ascoli, from Piazza del Popolo to the most hidden monuments, making every corner of the city accessible to everyone.

Discover Ascoli Piceno from a unique perspective by being lulled by the slow pace of the Ascoli Explorer train. It is an experience that combines fun, learning and comfort. For more information and to book your trip, visit this link. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Ascoli Piceno in a unique and unforgettable way!

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Culture and Cuisine: Museums and Gastronomy

When you visit Ascoli Piceno, an unmissable cultural event is with
and the
Municipal Art Gallery
, which houses an extraordinary collection of works of art. Inside, you can admire Renaissance and Baroque paintings by prominent Italian artists
, sculptures and other treasures that tell the story of the region’s rich artistic history. A visit to the Pinacoteca is a journey through centuries of creativity, providing a deeper understanding of Ascoli Piceno’s cultural identity. Fort Malatesta, on the other hand, in the Porta Maggiore district, is an imposing military structure in Ascoli Piceno and represents a magnificent example of Renaissance defensive architecture. Originally built to protect the city from invasions, today it is a place for culture and exhibitions.

After feeding the mind with art, it is time to delight the palate with Ascoli’s culinary specialties. The ascolane olives, stuffed with meat and wrapped in crispy breadcrumbs, are a must for every visitor. For pasta lovers, ravioli incaciati, seasoned with pecorino cheese and cinnamon, offer a distinctive flavor deeply rooted in local culinary tradition. You cannot leave Ascoli without trying the cremini, and the fritto misto ascolano, a dish that combines meats, vegetables and desserts, all dipped in a light batter and fried, exemplifying the versatility of Ascoli cuisine.

Ultimately, a visit to Ascoli Piceno offers an intense cultural and gastronomic experience that satisfies both the intellect and the palate. With its museums rich in history and cuisine that enchants the senses, Ascoli promises to leave each visitor with lasting memories and a desire to return.

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The Quintana of Ascoli Piceno: Tradition and Medieval Challenge.

The Quintana of Ascoli Piceno , or Joust of the Quintana, is one of the city’s most spectacular and heartfelt events, a historical reenactment held every year on the first Saturday in August. This festival, which originates from the Middle Ages, sees riders from Ascoli’s six districts compete in an equestrian joust, trying to hit a target as centrally as possible in the shortest possible time. The streets come alive with period costume parades, medieval banquets and fire shows, transporting residents and visitors back in time to an atmosphere of celebration and tradition that celebrates the history and culture of Ascoli Piceno. If you are in the area, you cannot miss the spectacle of the parade and/or joust or go to one of the taverns in the 6 sestieri participating in the joust.


Ascoli Piceno and Its Street Art: An Urban Art Trail

Exploring Ascoli Piceno’s street art offers a unique and alternative discovery experience to traditional tourist routes. This tour will take you through the streets and alleys of the city, where you will have to “look for” the works of art that unexpectedly decorate the facades of buildings. World-renowned artists such as Millo and Vesod Brero have left their mark here with murals that tell local stories, such as the legend of Pico and Pomona (watch video of the making), adding a contemporary layer of visual culture to Ascoli’s rich historic fabric. To find out more about these amazing art trails and to plan your visit, click on this link: Discover Street Art in Ascoli Piceno


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